Blog: 5 warning signs when hiring developers

Although it may seem easy, it’s tricky finding the right development team for your organization. With over 350 experienced professionals in our team, we’ve seen it all with hiring developers. That’s why we put together this post with a few of the red flags that you should be on the lookout for when hiring your next developer.

5 warning signs when hiring a developer

1. Knowing the project details

Scenario: A candidate is ready to start the project, but he/she seems to know very little about the project requirements.

Well, are you sure that the candidate will deliver the product that you expect? Make sure you discuss the requirements in details before you start the project at all. 50% of your project’s success depends on this very crucial clarification stage. It’s a big plus if a freelancer or a company has an experienced business analyst to help with crafting a specification document and prototyping during the early stages of project development.

2. Reasonable budget

Scenario: A candidate proposes a significantly lower budget and shorter time frame compared to other candidates.

Most of the time, this is just a trick. The candidate wants to get you engaged, and simply doesn’t deliver the quality product that you envision in the time frame they’ve set out. That is definitely a red flag.

There’s always free cheese in the mouse traps, but remember the mice there ain’t happy. So, if today is not your first day in the application development business, you know the average rates pretty well. This basically means that the offers with huge discounts are suspicious.

3. Live communication

Scenario: A candidate tries to avoid a phone call or a live conversation and prefers to communicate by email.

In the age of streaming video, there’s no excuse not to sit down for a real conversation with your potential client/developer. There are so many visual cues that you pick up on when you’re speaking to someone face to face that can’t be conveyed via email. We always suggest engaging a freelancer or company in a real conversation to see if they’re the right fit for you. Hiring developers is very important for the success of your project and you need to make sure that they understand how critical their role is in its success.

4. Missed appointments or calls

Scenario: A candidate misses the appointment or a phone call.

Inconsistent communication often indicates a bad habit, not a random slip. Make note of poor communication and proceed with caution.

You definitely want to deliver the project on time. You can not expect that from an irresponsible developer.

5. Interest in the job

Scenario: A candidate doesn’t show enough interest in the job.

You may want to hire a developer who is curious about your project and who cares about the work that he or she is going to deliver. The best candidates will engage you with specific questions because they know who you are and what your company does.

Let’s get started!

Hiring developers is never easy. We know because we already hired over 350 of them. However, we can share our experience, expertise, and even resources with you.

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