lost and found platform
Developing a worldwide lost and found platform
29 Nov 2019

PerdidoOnline, a Puerto Rico based startup came up with an idea to help the unfortunate among us who lose our belongings wherever we go. Our customer wanted to develop a locator and tracking solution to create a global virtual Lost and Found community. DB Best developed iOS and Android applications and a web platform introducing the customers to the service. Finding lost property Lost property offices are rapidly disappearing from hotels, stations, and other locations, yet people continue to lose or misplace things. On average, people spend 150 days of their life looking for keys, laptops, luggage, and many other items, and statistics show ...

Oracle Forms modernization assessment
Using the Assessment Tool to estimate your Oracle Forms modernization project
27 Nov 2019

A lot of our customers are stuck with legacy Oracle Forms. Looking for better performance, our customers want to get off their outdated solutions and run their modernized forms in any web browser. DB Best developed the Oracle Forms Converter that helps automatically migrate up to 100% of the source Oracle Forms code to Web 2.0 architecture. However, at the very beginning, you may want to estimate the effort required for modernization. At this point, we suggest using our free Oracle Forms Converter — Assessment Tool. This product allows for a better understanding of possible modernization hurdles. The Assessment Tool performs a thorough anal...

Migrating an On-Premises SAS System to Microsoft Azure HDInsight
26 Nov 2019

A global retailer in the beauty industry contacted DB Best looking for the right modernization path for their SAS based BI solution. They were hitting the boundaries of SAS with their large data sets and wanted to look at alternative solutions using big data technologies like Apache Hadoop with Azure HDInsight to modernize the way they process their data. In addition, the wanted to control their SAS license costs. In this blog post, we’ll walk through how we helped our long-term customer in migrating their SAS solution to a modern big data stack. The process Since our customer’s head decided upon decommissioning their SAS solution, we sug...

Data Store
Creating and managing database snapshots using the DB Best Migration Platform
25 Nov 2019

We continue covering the core features of the DB Best Migration Platform. In this blog post, we will talk about the Data Store module that allows for creating and using database snapshots. The DB Best Migration Platform creates snapshots of all data or selected tables. We consider the database snapshot as a golden copy of the source data. The DB Best Migration Platform then uses this golden copy to restore data when you need it. Why do you need a golden copy? A database migration or upgrade project includes many steps where your data changes significantly. These steps include: Database schema changes Data migration Tests execution Before each...

SQL Server statistics update
Improve SQL Server statistics update 1000 times faster than traditional approaches
22 Nov 2019

One of the customers contacted DB Best to help address performance issues with their SQL Server application. They started experiencing problems after upgrading from SQL Server 2008 R2 up to SQL Server 2016. However, after we analyzed their database system, we discovered a complex issue with updating SQL Server statistics. The Query Optimizer uses these statistics to create an execution plan for each query. Specifically, the time to update statistics was taking longer than the planned maintenance window for their production system. The problem After our customer upgraded their database to SQL Server 2016, the lack of current statistics severe...

testing code changes
How to test breaking changes and new features during the SQL Server upgrade
12 Nov 2019

Database upgrade is inevitable if you’re running aging versions of your databases. Alongside with cool new features, the database upgrade usually brings some code changes. Regardless of the severity of these code updates, you need a proven solution to test these code changes. Let us consider a following case: after upgrading a SQL Server 2008 database to SQL Server 2017, we also updated the SQL code in the database to meet the new standards. Now we need to test this application and make sure that it works like before. Are you familiar with this challenge? If the answer is yes, then you will be happy to learn more about a proven, fully a...

automating database migration
Automating database migration projects with DB Best Migration Platform
06 Nov 2019

PASS Summit 2019, Seattle, WA — DB Best released a multi-purpose Migration Platform, introducing full automation for all steps of a database upgrade or migration project. DB Best creates automated database migration solutions since the beginning of the company’s development. Our first automated conversion product released back in 2003 was acquired by Microsoft and became the foundation of the Microsoft SQL Server Migration Assistant product line. Since then a lot of new technologies evolved and the database migrations became commonplace. Many companies are regularly looking for opportunities to increase performance and lower maintenan...

Automated Oracle Forms Converter
Modernizing your outdated Oracle Forms using an automated Oracle Forms Converter
06 Nov 2019

At the PASS Summit 2019, DB Best introduced a completely reworked Oracle Forms Converter, which is designed to automate conversion from legacy Oracle Forms to a modern Web 2.0 architecture. Originally built in 2015, this technology had gone through a massive rework. We’ve put our hard earned experience to create a state of the art product that we are proud to re-launch. DB Best team has completed handful of Oracle Forms modernization projects, using this technology. Moving our customers from Oracle Forms to HTML5 and React Native JavaScript front end, we passed several iterations of the product development. This means that we already...