fixed price
Fixed price, time and material contracts, or a dedicated team?
24 Sep 2019

A new inspiring idea exploded in your mind. And you believe the idea has potential and deserves to be put into action. You want the world to see it, and you can even imagine the way this idea transforms into a software solution. Or maybe you already have the solution, and you want to modify or improve it. Finally, you might have your enterprise-level business blooming, but you require specialized engineers to make it more cost-effective.But where do you start? You may have heard about different approaches to application development. But still, you are not sure how they work, and which of them meets your needs best. Let’s take a look at...

Oracle virtual columns SQL Server
Converting Oracle virtual columns to Microsoft SQL Server
19 Sep 2019

In Oracle, you can specify virtual columns in a table definition. Oracle Database doesn’t store these virtual columns on the disk. Instead, the values of Oracle virtual columns are always calculated automatically. Oracle uses a set of expressions or functions to derive the values in the virtual column based on the values of other columns. SQL Server does have computed columns on a table that provides support similar to Oracle’s virtual columns. By default, SQL Server does not store these columns in the table unless you mark them as persisted. Making the calculated column persisted is an optimization in SQL Server that Oracle doesn...

How to choose a cloud platform for your mobile application?
17 Sep 2019

The question of what cloud platform to choose for building an application confuses almost 90% of our startup customers. In all fairness, there are many players on the market of cloud vendors and many options they offer. If we had a proven solution of which cloud you should choose when you have a business in a specific field, a list of countries to release in, and a set of features to implement, then we would share it. However, we should dive deeper into this topic. Is there only one right path? The market is growing, and the vendors keep getting better by adding more functionality and suggesting attractive options for business. Talking about ...

Fast data comparison operation
Fast data comparison with Database Compare Suite
11 Sep 2019

We continue our blog post series that cover the key Database Compare Suite features. In our previous blog posts, we talked about validating data migration and discovering exact data differences in selected tables. Now, we want to talk about comparing huge data assets. For example, when it comes to comparing tables with millions/billions of rows, the operations may last for minutes and even hours. Of course, this is unacceptable, especially when we talk about the downtime of the production environment. So, we want to show how you can use Database Compare Suite to quickly verify migration of extremely huge tables. Check out our video to see how...

database connection web app
How to establish a database connection after converting Oracle Forms to the web app?
04 Sep 2019

DB Best has successfully completed several Oracle Forms modernization projects, making our customers happy with the new web architecture of their solutions. However, the first question that we regularly hear from our customers sounds as follows. How will the converted web application interact with the database? The problem When an Oracle Forms application communicates with the database server, it acts as a client by querying the database server for requested data. Oracle Forms applications manage the database connection internally. In addition to that, Oracle Forms execute queries and run SQL statements internally. To address this issue, we c...