Welcome to DB Best: Bill Ramos
24 Aug 2015

We would like to welcome Bill Ramos as our new Director of Technical Product Management at DB Best Technologies. Here is Bill’s background in his words: “I started in the database business back in 1987 with Ashton-Tate working on the dBASE IV release. At that time, I got my first exposure to the Microsoft, Ashton-Tate, Sybase SQL Server running on OS/2 where I wrote compatibility and performance test suites for the platform. Check out this old press release from 1988 . I then moved north to Borland Software to continue to work on the dBASE for DOS product and broke into the world of Windows with dBASE. In 1995, I moved further north a...

DB Best at S4 and TechReady
03 Aug 2015

DB Best has successfully sponsored Microsoft Solution Specialist Sales Summit (S4), which took place last week July 27-30, in Hyatt Regency Bellevue Hotel, in Bellevue, Washington. DB Best booth had a great turnout. Many of Microsoft Sales Executives were excited to hear about DB Best offerings in Data Management, Modernization, Azure and IoT, and we’re hoping for many new interesting projects and engagement coming our way in FY2016. On the closing day of the summit our CEO, Dmitry Balin has co-delivered a presentation on “Driving Database Migrations to Retire Your Quota”. This only accentuates the strength of DB Best-Micros...

SQL Server Performance Tuning: Controlling Parallelism Webcast
03 Aug 2015

Free Webcast Join Robert L Davis, Principal Database Architect at DB Best Technologies, for a free webcast through MSSQLTips.com on Thursday, August 13, 2015. Robert will be presenting SQL Server Performance Tuning: Controlling Parallelism. Webcast description: Parallelism seems like it should be one of those things that the query engine takes care of for us, but it does require some care and tending from time to time. The default server configurations are no longer adequate for controlling parallelism, and DBAs need to know how to tweak the settings to make it run optimally. When parallelism goes awry, it can cause severe performance problem...