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Portfolio Spotlight: Modernization of “” Website
27 Mar 2014

Have you ever thought about your website modernization and redesign? Have you experienced problems with your website performance and usability? We would like to showcase our solution to similar problems that we’ve encountered in one of our recent projects: a sophisticated commercial website modernization and redesign, developed by our Custom Development team. (more…)...

Portfolio Spotlight: “Arad” iOS Application
25 Mar 2014

The new, innovative and user friendly application is the first smartphone app in the world, which allows consumers to track their water consumption wherever they are. It offers detailed consumption graphs, real-time leak alerts and consumption forecasts. Earlier our Custom Development Team have successfully released an Android version of the app. Now this application is also available for iOS users. Which means that more users with the help of this app will become more aware of their water consumption and will contribute to water-saving across the globe. This application was developed for our client Arad Technologies, one of the world leade...

Fresh News from DB Best Ukraine
18 Mar 2014

Ukraine is back to the front pages and top news reports, and while all our friends and clients are getting concerned, team DB Best Ukraine has released a new fresh video, which makes you question all the news produced by the global media industry. The city of Kharkov, where our Development Center is located, is getting ready for the spring time: municipality workers are fixing the alleys, construction workers are trying to finish their projects by summer, businesses working as usual. DB Best Ukraine Team is working hard on multiple data base management and migration, custom development and modernization projects, including the new Microsoft S...

TOP-5 Mobile Development Articles
17 Mar 2014

Every day we are working hard on developing new features, assembling dozens of builds, running hundreds of tests on our projects. Of course it’s important for us to share our success stories with our DB Best blog readers. Here we would like to present you a selection of the most popular posts we’ve published on mobile development.   Here are our 5 successful articles and blog posts: (more…)...

DB Best Helps Kharkiv Zoo
12 Mar 2014

Kharkiv Zoo is the oldest Zoo in Ukraine, which was founded in 1895. It is a real pride of our city, and place of children’s unstoppable laughter. This lovely establishment has recently faced the major funding problems. What’s fascinating, is that right after the Zoo administration’s cry out for help was posted in social networks, an unprecedented number of Kharkov citizens have rushed to help the Zoo and save the animals. DB Best team also made their contribution. Some of our employees bought entry tickets and even signed up for annual membership and brought food. It felt so good to see that even in times of crisis, people ...

Dedicated Teams, Part 1: What Projects Benefit from a Dedicated Team of Developers?
11 Mar 2014

Many clients turn to DB Best Technologies for help when developing specific products. When working with this type of request, we recommend either of two models of engagement: project-based and team-based. This article looks at the distinct advantages of team-based development using a dedicated team involved throughout the product’s lifecycle.  The project-based model With the project-based model, developers built the product from start to launch, but the development process stops after release. When the client needs additional features or wants to release an updated version, the development resumes until the release of version 2.0. Cli...

Spring in Ukraine
11 Mar 2014

We continue with our short video series about Kharkiv- the second largest city in Ukraine, where DB Best’s biggest development center is located. This past weekend was entirely dedicated to the celebration of the International Women’s Day, which as a matter of fact is a National Holiday in Ukraine- something for other countries to consider 🙂 Men were running all over the city looking for presents and flowers for their loved ones. Girls and women looked especially beautiful and simply glowing. Warm and sunny spring weather added to the overall city’s positive atmosphere. Gorgeous and happy women, romantic and courteous men...

TOP-10 Database Management and Migration Articles
11 Mar 2014

In less than 2 years DB Best professionals have written and posted over 100 technical articles on database migration and management related topics. These articles have gathered more than 20K views, thousands of likes and dozens of comments from various database management professionals from all over the world. In this post we would like to present a concise and informative review of our most rated articles:   (more…)...

From DB Best Ukraine with Love
From DB Best Ukraine with Love
06 Mar 2014

Ukraine and its political crisis have stayed on the front pages of all the newspapers, and have been constantly broadcasted by the major TV Channels worldwide for several months now. One of the positive outcomes- at last almost everyone knows where Ukraine is located geographically! The informational flood in the media without any doubts leads to confusion, panic and uncertainty, especially on behalf of our clients, whose projects are being partially or entirely developed at DB Best Development Center in Ukraine. Jokes aside, Ukraine is going through tough times, and we all hope for a peaceful conflict resolution in the nearest future. But no...