Portfolio Spotlight: Shopify Store for an Education iPad App
22 Feb 2013

Helping kids practice holding writing implements correctly. Back in 2010 one of our clients released their first iPad app – an airplane themed letter writing game. Over time, parental and educator feedback on the app led to the creation of a cool new app, the first capacitive stylus for kids that now works with 300,000+ apps on most mobile touch screen devices. The app is the only stylus for kids to have received an editor’s choice distinction from PC Magazine. That’s where we stepped in. Our ecommerce crew created a Shopify store that sells a kid-friendly iPad stylus. Watch this video and see how we turned Shopify into a pr...

Android Portfolio Spotlight: Local Commerce App
21 Feb 2013

Find Out What to Do Tonight in Your City The new Android app we’ve developed for one of our clients in Canada helps you find dining deals, lodging specials, daily events, nightly entertainment, and band venues. The app also comes in handy when you go on a trip and want to find activities you can enjoy during your stay. Let’s see what people have to say: Looking for what to do and where to go? From the business perspective, by providing a valuable source for entertainment information, the social commerce app is a great place for local businesses to advertise their deals, products and services. It’s now used as a local marketing tool ...

Mobile Application Development Process
Behind The Scenes: Our Mobile Application Development Process from Concept to Release
19 Feb 2013

Back in 2002, when DB Best opened its doors, it offered state-of-the-art database migration services. In 2008, after years of migrating enterprise applications and databases, we saw an opportunity to expand into web and mobile development. Just a few months later in 2009 we started delivering mobile applications, including games, mobile commerce apps, and communication solutions. Using our carefully crafted methodology for designing and building technology products we’ve created dozens of Android and iOS applications. These apps that have been used by millions of users worldwide. With a tired and true app development project plan, we can me...

Comparing Microsoft SQL Server FTS and Apache Lucene
So You Think You Can Search – Comparing Microsoft SQL Server FTS and Apache Lucene
08 Feb 2013

Prologue In 1999, when I was in my first year of university, if I wanted to check my e-mail I had to make my way across campus into one of the few computer labs. I used to make my way into class, open the browser, type the address, and then go out to grab some coffee. Usually when I came back I was really happy to see that at least half of the page had loaded. Today, we are not so patient. We are accustomed to websites loading within a few seconds and if your application is not that fast, you have a problem. In fact, “a few seconds” is a very optimistic term. Nowadays we measure response time with milliseconds. If you want to create somet...

Ecommerce Development: Sell More with Magento, Shopify or OpenCart
07 Feb 2013

Some of our customers ask: can DB Best deliver the complete ecommerce solution? Our answer is “Absolutely”. Whether you want to use an open source ecommerce platform, a plug-and-play shopping cart, or an enterprise-level ecommerce app, our talented developers and technical engineers have everything you need to create a successful online store. Choosing an Ecommerce Solution That’s Right For You In our portfolio we have several ecommerce projects developed by our team, from design and customization to deployment and marketing: 1. Magento Ecommerce Development Magento offers the complete tool set, including secure and scalable ar...