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Join Us at Launch: Silicon Valley 2012 on June 5

Posted by | On May 31st, 2012 | In DB Best News, Social Commerce

By now, you’ve probably heard about an upcoming SVForum’s Launch: Silicon Valley 2012 on June 5. Will you be there? You can meet our CEO Dmitry Balin with our social commerce platform – Pikaba (, among specially selected startups launching their products in front of VCs, angels, executives, press and television.
SVForum's Launch: Silicon Valley 2012

About SVForum

The event, to be held at Microsoft’s Mountain View Campus, is designed to foster innovation, entrepreneurship and leadership within the Silicon Valley ecosystem of individuals and businesses participating in emerging technologies.

Providing the critical networking, insights and services needed for startup success.

SVForum has a great roster of panels & Guest Speakers, inluding Steve Blank, Vinod Khosla, NVCA Chair Ray Rothrock, Futurist Paul Saffo, Super Angel Jeff Clavier, NEA Partner Pete Sonsini and over 20 more panelist and guest speakers.

SVForum also partners include global leaders Accenture, Citrix, Deloitte, Genentech, HP, IBM, Microsoft, Nokia and SAP as well as leading venture capital, law and accounting firms, and global trade organizations.
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NoSQL .vs. Row .vs. Column

Posted by | On May 30th, 2012 | In Big Data, Business Intelligence | Tags: , ,

The hype and disinformation that grudgingly prevails in the data warehouse world today brings me to raise the debate to a rational level. Let’s set aside 3NF and STAR schemas for a moment and the many flavors of analytics along with all their technologies. Let’s temporarily ignore e-commerce, database migrations, business intelligence, and data collection and processing systems. Instead let’s look at three different data storage methodologies. These are:

  • NoSQL – very new, lots of hype, and which really means ‘NOT ONLY SQL’
  • ROW – your traditional record database, well known and loved
  • COLUMN – still relatively new, widely misunderstood, yet still feels like normal SQL

To look at these three together I think we must first look at them separately.  So here goes…

The ROW based database storage methodology is one most of us are already familiar with.  Depending upon your vendor of choice (like Oracle, Microsoft, MySQL, DB2, etc…) DDL and DML syntax creates tables that stores and retrieves records. Largely based upon some form of key, be it natural or surrogate (let’s debate the many issues of schema design another time). The relational data model thrives upon the ROW based database and is widely used for many OLTP and OLAP system and/or applications.  Highly efficient in complex schema designs and SQL queries, ROW based database engines offer a tried and true way to build solid solutions. We should not throw this away, I won’t!

The COLUMN based database storage methodology has been around for a while as an alternative to ROW based databases from various new vendors (like InfoBright, Vertica, Sybase IQ, etc…). Generally the DDL and DML syntax is similar to ROW based databases, yet under the hood things are usually radically different, and much more efficient for processing aggregations. This is the main thing that sets it apart from ROW based engines.  Some of these column based technologies also provide high data storage compression which allows for a much smaller disk footprint.  In some cases as much as 10/1 over their row based counterpart.  We should adopt this where appropriate, I am!
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Episode 1 – Introduction and definitions

Posted by | On May 23rd, 2012 | In Big Data, Database Migration, Social Commerce, Web & Software Development | Tags: , , , , ,

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Document Storage Formats – An Introduction

Document storage databases are all the buzz these days. Interestingly enough they are actually not a very recent invention. Already 20 years ago there were object oriented databases using the very same concepts.

Document Storage Formats - DB Best

In this four part mini blog series I will take a bird’s eye view at the connection and relationships between object oriented databases, object stores, serialization and document storage. I will present and explain the most common document storage formats and will try to find the reason why object stores are all the buzz today but were not 20 years ago.

Episode 1 – Introduction and definitions

Document Storage: A document in context of software development is considered, plain and simple, a computer data-file or data-set. For different purposes the data file or set might contain different content. Often, when the content of the document requires a predictable structure, meta data is being introduced to define the document data’s formatting. In such case you consider the document’s data to be structured, otherwise unstructured. An example for unstructured data is a word document; an example for structured data is an XML document.

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My first blog post

Posted by | On May 17th, 2012 | In Life & Business

That’s my first blog post ever :). I’ve been thinking about importance of blogging and social media long time ago and actually made a decision to start blogging very soon.  It took me only two years to get to my first post. Well, it is better late than never :).

It is very challenging to juggle my super busy life where I balance the job of running the business, raising the kids and living life… Now I’ll have to blog regularly on top of it… Why should I? For a very simple reason. I came to the conclusion that our lives become digitized to a very high degree. People who are non technical at all get more and more attached to their gadgets and perceive the world through their screens. It is the world where Google rules and Facebook is super dominant. In order to be noticed we need to show up in this digital world and tell the world that we exist. I’ve got a goal of growing my business 10x over the next few years and I want everyone to know that!!!

In this blog you will see  my random thoughts about challenges of running the business, balancing it with family life, and doing my part as a humanitarian. I love my job, my family and I learned to love the crazy busy schedule.  Stay tuned and I’ll share my insights on all of it…


20 Indispensable Resources on Mobile Development

Posted by | On May 15th, 2012 | In Mobile Development

Still deciding between (Android/iOS) apps and mobile website? There are definitely markets for both. Another important question is how to overcome the most common pitfalls in development, including priorities, usability (think checkout), and SEO.

For this article, we hand-picked the most useful resources to narrow your search and to make sure your mobile development will be on the right track.

Research and Analysis

1. Mobile commerce is expected to reach $31 billion by 2016. While this represents a compounded annual growth rate of 39% from 2011 to 2016, mobile commerce is only expected to be 7% of overall eCommerce sales by 2016. MOBILE COMMERCE FORECAST: 2011 TO 2016, Forrester.

2. eBay Forecasts $8B In Mobile Commerce Volume In 2012; PayPal Will Reach $7B. TechCrunch.

3. The number of U.S. smartphone subscribers surpassed the 100-million mark in January, up 13 percent since October to 101.3 million subscribers. Google Android ranked as the top smartphone platform with 48.6 percent market share (up 2.3 percentage points) followed by Apple with 29.5 percent market share (up 1.4 percentage points). RIM ranked third with 15.2 percent share, followed by Microsoft (4.4 percent) and Symbian (1.5 percent). Source: comScore MobiLens.


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Featured Service: Database Migration

Posted by | On May 7th, 2012 | In Database Migration

DB Best Technologies is the leading provider of databases and application migration services. DB Best has the expertise and experience to enable you to safely migrate your information system asset to SQL server and. NET platform.

DB Best offers all types of database and application migration and has been helping companies to migrate to Microsoft platform since 2001.

Database Migration Services

Our services include full migration life cycle support from initial assessment of migration complexity to testing of the migrated code and deployment of the system.

  • Database & Application migrations — migrating applications between different DBMSs, taking any enterprise database and application built on Oracle, Sybase, Informix or DB2 and migrating it to SQL server.
  • SQL Server Services — SQL Server audit, architecture consultancy and performance tuning of SQL Server databases. DB Best database team is the SWAT team that mission-critical databases can be trusted to.

Why migrating with DB Best?

DB Best was founded in 2002 in San Jose, CA. The product it developed for automated database migrations (converting between different SQL dialects) was acquired by Microsoft in 2005. Since then DB Best has been developing and supporting the expanded family of migration products (SQL Server Migration Assistant for Oracle/Sybase/Access), and is widely recognized as the leading expert in this space.

New App Launched: Little Sky Writers

Posted by | On May 7th, 2012 | In Mobile Development

Developed by our mobile development team, this app is the perfect tool for Kindergarten preparation and supplementation.

Start your engine and learn to write your letters! Fly your plane through a series of letter-shaped flight plans and learn the skills to write your letters properly the first time – every time.

There are three levels of difficulty so your child may attain precision slowly and with a greater sense of accomplishment.

Little Sky Writers app


This app is designed for both iPhone and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later. Rated 4+ on The App Store.