Oracle Reports Converter release
21 Jan 2021

Oracle Reports Converter is a modern tool for converting deprecated Oracle Reports to a modern solution officially supported by Microsoft — SQL Server Reporting Tools (SSRS). Use the automation power of our Converter and bring your outdated technology to a new life on SSRS.

The newest Migration Platform version
DB Best released a new 1.5 version of Migration Platform
18 Nov 2020

The newest Migration Platform 1.5 version introduces a whole set of features. It brings an in-built Ora2Pg tool for easier migration, tree view filtering for schemas and databases, some important UI improvements, and other additions. Tap into the article to read more about the latest version of Migration Platform.

Oracle Forms Converter trial
DB Best releases Oracle Forms Converter
30 Sep 2020

DB Best is proud to introduce the trial version of Oracle Forms Converter. This application helps get off legacy Oracle Forms and modernize them to modern web-based solutions. Read the blog post to discover the limitations of this trial version and learn how to use this product.

PL/SQL to C# converter
Converting embedded Oracle PL/SQL code to C# with an automated converter
09 Sep 2020

One of our customers faced a challenging task converting the application’s business logic from Oracle PL/SQL to C#. This complex modernization project included the upgrade of application architecture and a move to the Azure cloud of this whole system. However, the most challenging part of the project was to convert a huge amount of PL/SQL code to C#. In this blog post, we share the DB Best approach to automating this conversion.

New Migration Platform release
DB Best released a new 1.4 version of Migration Platform
03 Sep 2020

DB Best introduced a new version of its Migration Platform — an all-around program that enables all types of automated database migration. Read this blog post to learn more about the improvements for the key platform modes: Development and Migration projects.

Top AWS DMS and SCT blog posts
Top AWS DMS and SCT blog posts
03 Aug 2020

Sharing our technical experience with the readers, we’ve reached a pretty impressive audience on our blog. So, it was pretty easy to distinguish the most popular AWS Database Migration Service (AWS DMS) Support stories. Read this blog post to find the most valuable and important DB Best blog posts on AWS DMS and AWS Schema Conversion Tool (AWS SCT).

AWS customers' stories
Top customers’ stories on AWS
03 Aug 2020

We at DB Best pay great attention to the projects, related to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud data platform. Some of the AWS customers’ stories attract more attention than others, so, we decided to collect them in one place. We consider these articles must-read and super useful. Read this blog post to take a look through our list of the most read customers’ stories on AWS.

Oracle to PostgreSQL migration tool
Comparing Ora2Pg with АWS SCT for Oracle to PostgreSQL migration
29 Jul 2020 , Bill Ramos

I’m seeing an increasing trend with our customers running Oracle databases wanting to reduce costs by moving to PostgreSQL. The open-source community has made innovations over the years to increase compatibility with Oracle database through with new features and extension libraries to make the migration easier. I felt that by comparing Ora2Pg with AWS SCT, people wanting to migrate Oracle to PostgreSQL for running on AWS would benefit anyone attempting this effort. As a company recognized for our database migration […]

Development project Migration Platform
Development mode, expected results, and advanced backup for DB Best Migration Platform
22 Jul 2020

What’s new in DB Best Migration Platform 1.3? DB Best has released a new version of Migration Platform, a program that automates every stage of database migration. In this version, we introduced a new mode for in-depth database testing — Development Project. This mode introduces extra capabilities for the Test Organizer module by creating Expected Results that can be compared with test results later. We also introduced the Setup & Teardown tab — a place where you can manage datasets […]

Database Compare Suite 5.3 BigQuery
Database Compare Suite 5.3 brings BigQuery support
10 Jul 2020

DB Best has released a new version of Database Compare Suite. This version supports Google’s BigQuery, a serverless and highly scalable cloud data warehouse platform. Read the blog post to learn more about other new product features.