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Mobile Design


We create beautiful mobile phone interfaces!

Don’t be fooled – creating intuitive user interfaces for mobile phone applications requires a completely different mindset from building interfaces for the web or the desktop. Consider – limited screen size, unique usage scenarios, and a variety of input modalities, to name just a few of the differences.

At DB Best, we help our customers bring their mobile phone applications to life. Starting with our design framework, we outline the objectives of the application (informational, promotional, inspirational, entertainment, social, e-commerce, etc.) and then capture your design goals.

Next, we work with you to flesh out your idea, creating several visual approaches for your user interface as well as a process to help you narrow these approaches down to a single set of preliminary wireframes.

Once the workflow is determined, we begin the process to incorporate your design elements, including branding, typography, usability and accessibility components, and color and style preferences.

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