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Microsoft Surface


The Microsoft Surface is a key part of Microsoft’s mobile strategy, and many organizations are quickly realizing the value of having the same seamless user experience across multiple devices. With the introduction of Windows 8 PRO and Windows RT, the Surface highlights a revolutionary technology, which allows users to directly interact with information and with one another in a naturally intuitive way. No longer constrained by redundant intermediaries such as a keyboard or mouse, this new technology allows you to work directly with applications – from opening files to sharing information to performing a variety of other tasks – all with natural hand gestures.

As an award-winning Microsoft Gold Certified Partner as well as Microsoft’s dominant database-migration and application-modernization partner, we have deep background in Microsoft’s technology stack. After all, our team developed the state-of-the-art database migration technology, which was subsequently acquired by Microsoft SQL Server group in 2005 and became the foundation for Microsoft’s SQL Server Migration Assistant product line.

Why Choose DB Best for Microsoft Surface Development:

A proven record for successful development on this platform

As an award-winning Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, we know how to leverage the entire Microsoft technology stack, from the desktop to the phone to the tablet

Over a decade of experience in software application development

So when it comes to Microsoft Surface applications, you can count on our deep knowledge to help you deliver innovative, reliable, and cost-effective solutions.

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