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Robert Davis @SQLSoldier joins DB Best Team

Posted by | On March 26th, 2015 | In Data Managament, DB Best News, Life & Business, SQL Server, Uncategorized

RobertLDavis_DB Best Please join us in welcoming Robert Davis (@sqlsoldier) to DB Best, who as of today, will be contributing to our team as a Principal Database Architect and will be based in our Redmond HQ.

Robert is an experienced evangelist, a well-known speaker, trainer and SQL Server MVP. He brings over 15 years of SQL Server experience, and is a well published author and a Microsoft Certified Master. Robert is also a co-founder and co-leader of the PASS Security Virtual chapter, and has previously worked as PM for Certification and production DB at Microsoft, Outerwall, Idera.

That’s right- Robert lives and breathes SQL and we are incredibly happy to have his well versed technical skills, outgoing personality and active community engagement to contribute to DB Best projects and solutions we design for our clients worldwide. He will be a great addition to the team of DB Best MCMs (Microsoft Certified Master).

Intrigued? Excited? Come talk to us at SQL Saturday in Redmond, where you will be able to get to know DB Best team, and speak to our data management and modernization experts, including Robert Davis himself!

You can learn more about Robert from his LinkedIn Profile or by following him on Twitter: @sqlsoldier

Welcome aboard!

Welcome to DB Best: Dandy Weyn

Posted by | On February 19th, 2015 | In DB Best News, Life & Business | Tags: , ,

DandyWeyn DB Best is very excited to announce that Dandy Weyn has joined our team as a Director of Business Development and Strategy.

Dandy comes to us from Nordstrom where he supported a team of database and business intelligence professionals.
Prior to that Dandy worked at Microsoft as a Technical PM on SQL Server, Data Warehousing and Microsoft Business Intelligence.

Combined with many years as an international consultant and trainer, he offers a unique combination of deep technical skills, extensive industry experience and high business acumen.
Dandy is a Microsoft Certified Master on SQL Server, and a Microsoft Certified Trainer.

You can learn more about Dandy Weyn from his LinkedIn Profile or by following him on Twitter @ilikesql

Welcome aboard!

DB Best at S4 Microsoft Solution Specialist Sales Summit

Posted by | On February 10th, 2015 | In Big Data, Data Managament, DB Best News, Life & Business | Tags: , ,

Last week was marked by one of the most fascinating and educational semi-annual tech events – Microsoft S4 summit, which took place in Bellevue, WA last week. It was an invitation only event that had a high concentration of like-minded companies, Microsoft specialist sales and sales management community in particular.

DB Best was proud to be a co-sponsor of the event. We were happy to support Microsoft in increasing solution and value selling skills through this unique collaborative and experiential learning activities, and providing both formal and informal networking opportunities within the specialist Microsoft sales community and with select Microsoft partners.

DB Best S4 conference

Our CEO – Dmitry Balin, VP of Sales- Prabhat Varma and Director of Data Services and Cloud at DB Best MidWest, Sudhir Gajre represented our company in the Cloud and Enterprise section at the Bellevue Westin Hotel.

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Future of Database Management: How can a DBA Stay Relevant?

Posted by | On January 14th, 2015 | In Data Managament, Life & Business | Tags: , , ,

Changing Nature of Database Management

A few months ago I was presenting to a large audience on the topic of running SQL Server in the cloud in IaaS and PaaS. I was touting the auto install, auto management, and the auto patching capabilities. I mentioned the capability of Azure IaaS to auto provision an AlwaysOn cluster. I demoed the simple step of picking a ‘template’ and auto installing SQL Server. A gentleman sitting in the audience raised his hand and interrupted me, asking “Is the cloud going to get us DBAs out of a job one day?” There was silence for a few minutes in room……


Database Management, as we know today, has evolved over the last few decades. Starting with punch cards, programming circuit boards, physical manipulation of storage devices, etc. we have now arrived at the era of cloud computing. Provisioning a server today simply means going to a Web portal and clicking ‘Next’ a few times. Administration and Management tasks which used to a few hours just a few years ago, now have been reduced to few minutes or have been totally eliminated as a result of cloud computing.

Database Management as a trade is changing and in a few years’ time we could possibly see even more automation coming from platform related capabilities. This poses an interesting dilemma to DBAs, Server Admins, and professionals in similar areas who provide administration and instance / database level management and support. What should they do so they adapt and change with the changing times and technology landscape? How should they keep their skills relevant? Let’s explore what the change in technology is, how it came about, and what it means to the DBAs today, more important, what should a DBA do to stay relevant and in a job.
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DB Best: 2014 Year in Review

Posted by | On January 5th, 2015 | In DB Best News, Life & Business

After a short holiday break DB Best is already running at full speed into 2015 with dozens of active and upcoming projects, hundreds of new and exciting opportunities, and stronger than ever team!
Before we sweep you off your feet with all the exciting updates and news, let’s take a deep breath and recap on yet another busy and productive year with our Special Annual Achievements Infographic. Big shout out to all our partners, clients and our growing crew, who made it all happen! 2015 here we come!


No More Forgotten Children! DB Best Helps a Great Cause

Posted by | On December 12th, 2014 | In Data Managament, DB Best News, Life & Business, Web & Software Development

Christmas is a time of joy, miracles and giving. Everyone, and especially kids, are looking forward to it, decorating their homes, writing letters to Santa, and secretly hoping they will get exactly what they wished for. For many kids however the Holiday season becomes the saddest time of the year as their families are going through rough times.  The Forgotten Children Fund  (FCF) was founded by a group of kind-hearted and dedicated people in order to fix this terrible injustice. DB Best strongly believes that children are our future and that together we can make this world a brighter and better place, especially for those in need. We have been actively involved in a number of charity initiatives worldwide, and of course, when we found out that The Forgotten Children Fund was looking for help, we jumped right in without giving it a second thought!




The ultimate goal of the fund is to make the holiday a bit brighter for the maximum number of kids, who are experiencing hardship due too various reasons. Typically, the fund helps families, who are not assisted by other public or charitable organization. That is why volunteers perform a scrutinized screening and detailed research to identify these households, by creating multiple lists and reports. When FCF turned to us for help, they already had an ASP.NET website which allowed them to manage their daily tasks, but to make the data storage and report processing more efficient certain improvements were needed.

Being an expert in data management and database modernization, DB Best team was asked to expand multiple UI forms, which FCF volunteers used to collect and store data on families. Our team significantly improved performance, reports generation and usability of the website. The technology stack included ASP.NET & SQL Server, Reporting Services and Fast Search. These changes have drastically improved volunteers productivity so that they can devote more of their time to the actual act of giving.

All the work of DB Best had been performed for the The Forgotten Children Fund  was free of charge, and we are very honored and happy to have had an opportunity to contribute to such a wonderful and much needed cause.
This holiday season let’s make a difference together!

Fresh News from DB Best Ukraine

Posted by | On March 18th, 2014 | In DB Best News, Life & Business

Ukraine is back to the front pages and top news reports, and while all our friends and clients are getting concerned, team DB Best Ukraine has released a new fresh video, which makes you question all the news produced by the global media industry.

The city of Kharkov, where our Development Center is located, is getting ready for the spring time: municipality workers are fixing the alleys, construction workers are trying to finish their projects by summer, businesses working as usual.

DB Best Ukraine Team is working hard on multiple data base management and migration, custom development and modernization projects, including the new Microsoft SSMA upgrade project, which DB Best is developing in cooperation with our partner- Microsoft corporation. Our developers are actively working on the release of the new version of SSMA line of products. As a part of this project, we are planning to develop new features, which would allow Oracle to Azure migration, as well as database migration to MS SQL 2014, which is set to release in the nearest future.


DB Best Ukraine with the latest news from the “frontline” that will make you smile! :)

From DB Best Ukraine with Love

Posted by | On March 6th, 2014 | In DB Best News, Life & Business

Ukraine and its political crisis have stayed on the front pages of all the newspapers, and have been constantly broadcasted by the major TV Channels worldwide for several months now. One of the positive outcomes- at last almost everyone knows where Ukraine is located geographically! The informational flood in the media without any doubts leads to confusion, panic and uncertainty, especially on behalf of our clients, whose projects are being partially or entirely developed at DB Best Development Center in Ukraine.

Jokes aside, Ukraine is going through tough times, and we all hope for a peaceful conflict resolution in the nearest future. But not everything presented in the media should be taken for granted. Check out this short video DB Best Ukraine Team have put together.


DB Best is working hard to secure high-quality end products for all our clients!

DB Best: 2013 Year in Review

Posted by | On January 10th, 2014 | In DB Best News, Life & Business

Before we dive into 2014 with it’s new goals, challenges and opportunities, we would like to take a second to recap some of our top achievements in 2013. Big thanks to all our clients, partners and DB Best team who made it all happen! :)


Please, follow the link below to view the special summary infographics we’ve put together
DB BEST 2013 Year In Review


Let's Sing Happy Birthday!

Posted by | On July 27th, 2012 | In Life & Business

Happy Birthday to our inspirational leader, DB Best’s President and Co-Founder Irena Balin!